Going West – Part 6

Levels 9-10 (Javier King, Merle the Mad, Otto Walkenhorst, Varis, Viktor)

Merle the mad wanted to get a telescope to observe the sky. To get the best of the best, in the academy was told to go find some kyver crystals in the silver moon island to make the lenses. Was handed a rough map with a location and sent out to do the work the frat nerds couldn’t, to make their own telescope.

Merle got a party together, and to the island they went. 

The deterioration of the political situation on the island due to Daloon Foreign Legions taking the island food supply for the giant buffet can be felt since the first moment the party got their feet in the docks.

The party was warned that the part of the woods they wanted to visit was a protected part of the wood and hunting there was illegal.

After minacious preparations, they got on the road north. 

Once in the woods, they avoided anything that looked like trouble while fighting the weather. They ended up finding an old temple and an underground cave which cave was full of crystals

The cave was guarded by some sort of living statues and collapsed after the party got out with the crystals they went to look for.

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